CSC Computing Environment

Welcome! This website contains materials for the CSC Computing Environment -course.


  1. The course is divided into two parts and the material is organized by topics of increasing complexity – Feel free to jump to Part 2 if you know the basics already!
  2. In each topic, first read the slides / watch the video.
  3. Complete the tutorial(s) to make sure you’ve got the steps right.
  4. Try out the exercises to verify your new skills.
  5. If you get stuck, consult Docs CSC linked in the slides and the tutorials.
  6. If the documentation does not provide a sufficient answer, please contact support by emailing or by filling in the contact form at
  7. Press and hold ctrl/cmd and click to open links in a new window or tab.
  8. Left-click the slides to enable navigation with the arrow keys (or use the arrow icons in the bottom-right corner on each slide).
  9. Click the home icon in the bottom-right corner on any slide to return to this page.
  10. A video with study tips.

Part 1 – Get started with the basics! Part 2 – Dig deeper into HPC workflows!