Get a CSC account and a project

This document includes the information required when starting to use CSC supercomputers and other services. This document is a simplified version of the accounts and projects guide in

Create a CSC account

💬 Every user needs a project and user account for using CSC services.

  1. Go to MyCSC
  2. Click Log in or Get started.
  3. Click Virtu or Haka depending on which federation your home organization is a member of.
  4. Select your home organization and log in to their identity service.
  5. Fill in your information on the Sign up page.
  6. Set your password
    • Use 12 characters or more, containing both upper and lowercase letters and at least one number. No special characters are allowed.
  7. You will receive your CSC user account information via email.


💬 To use CSC supercomputers every account has to be a member of a project. Access to a supercomputer (service) and computing time are tied to projects.

💡 The default project called “Personal group of N.N.” is not meant for submitting jobs

  1. Join a project

Add services to your project

💡 The Project Manager must have applied for the services for the project first. Here, you accept the Terms of Use and activate them.

  1. Login to MyCSC
  2. Click My Projects and select a project
  3. In the bottom right corner you see the services section
  4. Select Puhti, (Mahti) and Allas, approve the terms and conditions and click Add service

More information

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